150 Ways a Cybertary Can WORK FOR YOU! – Reasons #1-21


  1. Maintain Calendar: Your CYBERTARY keeps your calendar and reminds you of deadlines, interviews, business and personal appointments and other important events.
  2. Manage Email, Phone Calls and Mail: Your CYBERTARY will receive, route and respond to e-mails, phone calls and mail.
  3. Make Appointments: Your CYBERTARY calls your contacts or service providers, schedules your appointments and emails appointment details to you.
  4. Coordinate Meetings: Your CYBERTARY finds and coordinates a meeting place, contacts the necessary attendees and emails the meeting details to you.
  5. Confirm Appointments, Calls and Interviews: Your CYBERTARY calls your appointment contacts, noting who is confirmed and who must be rescheduled, and faxes or emails the details back to you.
  6. Coordinate Travel: Your CYBERTARY coordinates frequent or occasional air travel, car rentals, shuttle and hotel reservations
  7. Create Itinerary: Your CYBERTARY makes meal, event and personal entertainment reservations for your travel and delivers a detailed itinerary to you via email or if you prefer, can fax confirmations so you have the information at your fingertips.
  8. Address and Mail Cards: Your CYBERTARY can purchase, prepare and mail all your special event and holiday cards to the important people in your business life.
  9. Buy and Send Gifts: Your CYBERTARY handles buying and sending gifts/flowers to clients, friends and family.
  10. Get Directions: Your CYBERTARY calls, obtains directions and emails you the directions to a prospect’s location or another meeting place.
  11. Handle Routine Paperwork: Your CYBERTARY fills out daily forms (i.e., sales call recap) and faxes them to the home office each day or as needed.
  12. Safeguard Your Computer Backup: Your CYBERTARY holds onto a copy of your computer backup tape for safekeeping. A small task, but well worth it. In the event of a disaster, all your files are located off the premises.
  13. File Virtually: Your CYBERTARY maintains your filing online or physically via mail.
  14. Order Office Supplies: Your CYBERTARY orders your office supplies, stamps and shipping materials.
  15. Submit Registrations: Your CYBERTARY fills out and submits your registration materials for teleclasses, Webinars, workshops, seminars and conferences.
  16. Protect Personal Time: Your CYBERTARY helps prioritize your personal time, gently reminding you to keep your gym schedule, take a lunch break or to head off to important family functions.
  17. Make Contact: Your CYBERTARY calls or writes to new prospects or current clients/customers.
  18. Process Orders and Refunds: Your CYBERTARY processes manual orders (phone, fax, mail) and refunds.
  19. Assist with Business Incorporation: Your CYBERTARY handles all the paperwork that goes along with incorporating your business.
  20. Give On-Demand Assistance: Your CYBERTARY fills in for your business needs as needed. Just fax or email your CYBERTARY tasks you need completed on demand.
  21. Serve as a Brainstorming Partner: Whether you’re toying with a presentation or a new ad campaign, your CYBERTARY serves as a great sounding board and brainstorming partner.