By Kelli Robbins, President, Contact One Communications and Guest Blogger No matter how hard we labored to make their service perfect, we all lose a client sometimes. Maybe it is our fault, or theirs, or a combination of both. A wrong number; a misspelling; a billing error… Anything can be the kiss of death. Or [...]

Slack is a cloud-based set of collaboration tools and services.   The name is an acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge” (SLACK) From their website, Slack states “Slack is where you access the messages, the files, the decisions, the key moments in the life of your business. It’s where work happens. “ “Whether [...]

  Small business owners are the engines of the economy, constantly chugging and slugging away to help their businesses – and them – succeed.  Business ownership can be described as akin to being on a roller coaster; the highs are exhilarating, the lows are gut-wrenching and you never know where the next curve in the [...]

I can’t get no, oh no no no Hey hey hey, that’s what I say I can’t get no, I can’t get no I can’t get no satisfaction No satisfaction, no satisfaction, no satisfaction Mick Jagger and Keith Richards   Well maybe The Rolling Stones couldn’t get satisfaction, but there is a social media tool, [...]

Way back when any new business starts, we all have a tendency to think any client or account that we land is a good thing.  After all, one of the reasons we are in business is to sell our product(s) or service (s), build a relationship with our clients, and create a source of revenue [...]

And speaking of taxes and finances, I bet you are wondering – “Is there an app for that?”  PC Magazine recently rated the Best Mobile Finance Apps for 2017 for personal finances and came up with a list of 8.  Each of the identified apps has a strength area; depending on your needs, these apps [...]

Every year, the calendar adds another digit to the year as we turnover the month from December to January.  Many of us make the dreaded and oft-abandoned resolution to become more organized in our financial lives – yet, somehow, March Madness invariably means more than basketball brackets.  It becomes an annual challenge to organize our [...]

Within a well-written business plan is an assessment of the competitive landscape in which your business operates.   Even if you are not seeking funding, wouldn’t you like to know how your competitors are doing, and possibly, how you can jump ahead?  I would hope that you are using Google Analytics to understand how your own [...]

  It’s a new year and with it, come the inevitable personal resolutions, most of which will be abandoned before Groundhog Day.  For your business though, this is a great time to sit back and reflect on your business goals.  You are tasked with pulling together all of your business financial information in preparation for [...]

Sidekick, a tool published by Marketing guru HubSpot, promises the ability to be in control of your email.  It lets you know who opens your email (selectable setting), when, how many times and from where. From their site, HubSpot touts the following capabilities: SEE WHO OPENS AND CLICKS YOUR EMAILS Get live notifications when someone [...]