How We Help Save Time & Money

How Cybertary will cost you less than an employee?

The real cost of a traditional employee is about twice the annual salary or hourly pay. Cybertaries don’t require medical or dental insurance or even a 401(k). And, since you only pay Cybertary for time-on-task, your employee’s 8-hour day can be crunched into 3-4 hours with Cybertary! Cybertary does not charge you for idle time, washroom visits, personal phone calls, computer downtime, lunch hours, sick leave, vacation time, holidays, personal time off, etc. So a 40-hour work week can turn into a 15-20 hour week for Cybertary.

Click here for What’s Your Time Worth? And A Cost Comparison of Full Time Employee vs. Cybertary

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Cybertary is a responsive, professional firm that has been instrumental in allowing me to focus on my critical business challenges to deliver quantifiable results to my clients. As a business consultant to large organizations,  I find that I do not have the time for all of the administrative work for my clients.  Joyce Kane consistently ensures that aggressive timelines are met and project goals achieved. Joyce is flexible, personable and works diligently to ensure the success of my business. I highly recommend working with Cybertary. They consistently deliver results on challenging assignments.
Patricia Kelly Lee, Toolkit

As a media person, I get hundreds of emails a week and am not always able to get to all of them.  Joyce has totally taken over one of my media accounts, does press release postings and calendar postings for me and refers to me what needs my personal and immediate attention.  It did not take her long to become my alter ego.  She has taken at least one huge stress out of my life.  I don’t remember what it was like before she took over this task for me.  Actually I do, but I would rather not.  Joyce is amazing at her business and she can make your administrative life easier also.
Joanne Quinn Smith, TechnoGranny