Cyber QuickTip: Mobile Finance Apps

And speaking of taxes and finances, I bet you are wondering – “Is there an app for that?”  PC Magazine recently rated the Best Mobile Finance Apps for 2017 for personal finances and came up with a list of 8.  Each of the identified apps has a strength area; depending on your needs, these apps can certainly supplement your financial tool set.

App                                         Area of Specialization

Mint                                        Spending Analysis

Venmo                                   Peer-to-Peer Payment

LearnVest                              Financial Advice

Level Money                         Spendable Money

Qapital                                   Saving

PayPal                                   Payments

Budget Boss                         Budgeting

Stash Invest                          Investing

All have an iOS version as well as an Android version, with the exception of LearnVest and Budget Boss (iOS only) as of the time of the review (12/28/2016).   Most of the apps are free, so you can try them out without spending any of your hard-earned coin.

Mint came out on top according to product reviewer Jill Duffy and is the “Editor’s Choice”.  To quote the review, “The excellent Mint iPhone app gives you both close-up and big picture insight into your money in real time.  It’s the best all-purpose personal finance app we’ve tested.”

Here is a link to the full product review:,2817,2400562,00.asp