150 Ways a Cybertary Can WORK FOR YOU! – Reasons #110-125


  1. Pay Bills Manually: Your CYBERTARY sets up a checking account with payment authorization for both you and your CYBERTARY. You have all your bills mailed to a post office box near your CYBERTARY (or you may collect and mail them yourself), and your CYBERTARY prepares your bills for payment, notifies you how much money to deposit into the account, and pays the bills.
  2. Pay Bills Online: If available from your bank, your CYBERTARY uses online bill payment services, which include electronic statements from most billers.
  3. Pay Bills with Data Entry: Your CYBERTARY pays all your bills (see above) and enters the transactions into your accounting software. Your CYBERTARY reconciles bank statements, enters credit card transactions, prepares invoices, makes and/or enter deposits and prepares end-of-month reports.
  4. Prepare Invoices: Working from your emailed report of hours/services to be billed, your CYBERTARY prepares and mails all invoices each month or on whatever schedule you need (i.e., annually).
  5. Manage Accounts Receivable: Your CYBERTARY receives payments and deposits them into your account. All transactions are recorded in accounting software and sent to you via secure FTP transfer or mailed on CD.
  6. Supervise Collections: Your CYBERTARY mails past due notices or follows up via telephone to collect on past due invoices.
  7. Forecast Cash Flow: Your CYBERTARY helps you forecast your cash flow so you stay on top of your business’s finances.
  8. Process Monthly Bank Reconciliation: Working from your mailed check register and bank statement, your CYBERTARY enters all data into accounting software and reconciles your account. The accounting software file is sent back to you via email attachment.
  9. Provide Bill Reminders: Your CYBERTARY reminds you via email or telephone when important billing due dates arrive.
  10. Track Expenses and Tax Records: Your CYBERTARY tracks your expenses and organizes your tax records throughout the year.
  11. Coordinate With Your Accountant or Tax Preparer: Your CYBERTARY works directly with your accountant or tax preparer throughout the year, meeting their requests or passing them along to you.
  12. Manage Your Records With Financial Software: Your CYBERTARY manages your financial records using QuickBooks or Microsoft Small Business Accounting and provides periodic updates to you via email. With this software you can be assured that technology is in your court when it comes to keeping your books!
  13. Customize Financial Software: Your CYBERTARY sets up your financial software and customizes it for your business.
  14. Train on Financial Software Program: Your CYBERTARY teaches full utilization of your financial software program by “walking you through” the setup while on the telephone and computer and teaching you HOW to use it at the same time.
  15. Guided Strategic Planning: Your CYBERTARY helps you set up a strategic plan to help forecast and prepare for the future, allowing you piece of mind in advanced planning and business strategy.
  16. Assist in Business Planning: Your CYBERTARY helps you write a comprehensive and meticulous business plan that will put your business in “lights” and help you stand out in the crowd.