150 Ways a Cybertary Can WORK FOR YOU! – Reasons #126-150


  1. Maintain Supply Inventory: Working from a list of regularly used office supplies you provide up front your CYBERTARY, on a pre-specified basis, faxes (or emails) you the list, and you check off what you need and fax it back. Your CYBERTARY reorders the supplies and has them delivered directly to you.
  2. Make Equipment Purchases: After researching various makes, models, etc., your CYBERTARY provides written quotes to you. Upon your authorization, your CYBERTARY purchases the equipment and arranges for delivery to you. If the item requires on-site setup, your CYBERTARY makes those arrangements as well; confirming dates/times and travel information.
  3. Make Online Purchases: When available, your CYBERTARY sets up an online account on your behalf with online stores that you frequent. When purchases are needed, your CYBERTARY places your orders with delivery to you.
  4. Initiate Vendor Lines of Credit: Your CYBERTARY works with your accountant to set up lines of credit with vendors and monitors the accounts to keep the credit information current and accurate.
  5. Order Marketing Materials: When you need marketing materials (stationery, brochures, envelopes, etc.), your CYBERTARY obtains pricing quotes, sends logo and/or artwork and coordinates ordering, delivery and payment.
  6. Order Awards: Your CYBERTARY researches appropriate award and recognition gifts, coordinates the purchase, customization and delivery of Award monies and gifts.
  7. Shop Pricing on Your Business Needs: Your CYBERTARY shops around for health plans, credit card deals, business loans and more.


  1. Verify Employment Applications: Working from employment applications you forward, your CYBERTARY verifies each applicant’s past employment and references and reports the findings to you.
  2. Handle Help Wanted and Hiring Tasks: Your CYBERTARY writes a help-wanted advertisement, places the ad, receives and reviews the resumes, conducts the initial phone interview, narrows the selection to three individuals and schedules a personal interview with you.
  3. Provide Applicant Summaries: Your CYBERTARY reviews applicant resumes, types a short biography on each and sorts the resumes based upon the criteria given by you.
  4. Oversee Performance Review Schedule: Your CYBERTARY tracks annual performance review dates and sends a reminder to you.
  5. Watch over Payroll Requirements: Your CYBERTARY monitors and verifies that all payroll requirements have been met, appropriate taxes paid and forms filed.
  6. Handle New Hire Welcoming: Your CYBERTARY prepares a welcome package and sends one to every new employee. Along with other new hire documentation and forms that new hires must fill out and return to you to start employment.
  7. Prepare Resumes: Your CYBERTARY prepares or updates your resume and includes a cover letter.
  8. Seek Employment: Your CYBERTARY researches job openings online and submits your resume to online resources.
  9. Customize Resumes: Your CYBERTARY prepares a customized cover letter and resume every time you find a potential new employer and then faxes/mails it to the prospective employer
  10. Send Post-Interview Thank You Cards: Your CYBERTARY promptly mails out a follow-up thank you letter to your potential employers after job interviews.
  11. Conduct Practice Job Interviews: A CYBERTARY with personnel management skills coaches to ensure a positive, successful interview.


  1. Plan Events: Your CYBERTARY can organize, prepare and send invite lists, invitations, reminders and handle all RSVPs for your meetings and Special Events. Your Cybertary will schedule and work with Catering and Vendors to add a custom touch for all of your Meeting and Event needs.
  2. Send Important Reminders: Your CYBERTARY emails or telephones you reminders for all your important dates.
  3. Maintain Personal Calendar: Your CYBERTARY keeps your personal calendar and reminds you of upcoming dentist/doctor appointments or other meetings and events.
  4. Make Video Recordings: Your CYBERTARY has the technology and expertise to tapes shows or media clips and send associated files back to you in the proper format for your viewing and posting.
  5. Conduct Research: Your CYBERTARY researches a variety of services, products and more.
  6. Provide Clipping Service: Your CYBERTARY regularly monitors particular newspapers/ magazines and clips articles related to your person or business or anything of special interest to you and your business.
  7. Assist in a Travel Emergency: In the case of a medical or dental emergency while traveling, your CYBERTARY locates an area doctor or dentist, sets up an appointment, and requests directions.