150 Ways a Cybertary Can WORK FOR YOU! – Reasons #42-55


  1. Create Marketing Materials: Your CYBERTARY types, designs and prints brochures, business cards and other marketing materials and may use client-provided art from standard or customized files.
  2. Generate Price List: Your CYBERTARY designs, types and prepares flyers such as price lists.
  3. Compile Product List: Your CYBERTARY types, designs and prepares product lists and other flyers on a variety of paper stock.
  4. Prepare Schedules: Your CYBERTARY types, designs and prepares schedules or calendars.
  5. Produce Award Certificates: Working from your emailed, faxed or mailed list of recipients, your CYBERTARY designs and prints award certificates and may use pre-designed paper stock, seals and/or ribbons. The completed certificates are delivered to you upon completion or are mailed directly to each recipient.
  6. Publish Newsletters: Working with your emailed, faxed or mailed content and list of recipients, your CYBERTARY types, designs and prints your newsletter, prepares address labels and mails (or emails) the newsletter.
  7. Create Logo Materials: Your CYBERTARY designs and print labels, letterhead and other logo materials, using client-provided art.
  8. Establish Client Welcome Kits: Your CYBERTARY creates client welcome kits and coordinates mailing them to new clients for a warm and friendly welcome.
  9. Design Forms: Your CYBERTARY designs forms for internal use or for clients/customers.
  10. Make Information Materials: Your CYBERTARY creates all your necessary information materials, including CDs, reports and manuals.
  11. Scan Materials: Your CYBERTARY takes on your scanning project and delivers you the digital files by email or on a mailed CD.


  1. Transcribe Recordings: Working from your mailed cassettes, your CYBERTARY types the report and returns the finished transcript to you via email attachment.
  2. Transcribe from Dictation: Working from mailed cassettes with your dictation, your CYBERTARY transcribes the tape, prints the letters or memos on your company stationery and mails or emails them within your timeline.
  3. Conduct Recordings: Your CYBERTARY records your telephone call, conference, teleclass or other audio event and transcribes the tape for the participants.