150 Ways a Cybertary Can WORK FOR YOU! – Reasons #72-91


  1. Manage Online Mailing List: Working from your forwarded emails (requests to subscribe, unsubscribe or delete bounced email messages); your CYBERTARY keeps your online mailing list database up to date.
  2. Locate Hard-to-Find Items: Your CYBERTARY searches the Internet to locate the hard-to-find items you don’t have time to locate.
  3. Update Website: Your CYBERTARY edits or uploads new information to your website.
  4. Promote Website: Your CYBERTARY submits your website URL, keywords and description to various search engines on a routine basis in order to promote your site.
  5. Promote E-Newsletter: In order to increase your number of e-newsletter subscribers, your CYBERTARY lists your e-newsletter with a variety of online directories and contacts other list owners of similar subjects to inquire about mutual cross promotion.
  6. Create E-Books: Your CYBERTARY formats E-Books and creates PDF Files of them for your distribution.
  7. Submit Your Articles: Your CYBERTARY submits your expert articles to electronic newsletters, publishers and article sites to increase exposure of your company.
  8. Monitor Web Marketing: Your CYBERTARY monitors banner ad placements and click throughs and makes recommendations for adjustments.
  9. Monitor Web Traffic: Your CYBERTARY monitors traffic reports and makes recommendations for improving traffic.
  10. Maintain Online Networking: Your CYBERTARY does online networking on your behalf, maintaining your presence via LinkedIn, Plaxo and other social networking sites.
  11. Coordinate Link Exchanges: Your CYBERTARY contacts similar websites and requests mutual link exchange, as a means to improve website traffic.
  12. Manage Your Affiliate Program: Your CYBERTARY manages your affiliate program, coordinating with affiliates, creating reports, sending out checks and more.
  13. Keep Website Problems in Check: Your CYBERTARY periodically reviews your website for errors and verifies links.
  14. Produce and Manage E-Zine: Your CYBERTARY formats and sends out your e-zine on a schedule you set up.
  15. Manage Website Advertising: Your CYBERTARY promotes ad sales and handles getting all new ad artwork in and onto your website and then takes them down when their schedule is up.
  16. Manage Pay-per-Click Advertising: Your CYBERTARY places and manages the pay-per-click advertising (like Google Adsense) on your site.
  17. Design Simple Websites: Your CYBERTARY designs a simple company website to give your business an online presence and provide your clients/customers with a lot of the basic information they need about your company.
  18. Set-Up Online Shopping Cart: Your CYBERTARY sets up an online shopping cart (i.e., 1shoppingcart.com) for your website.
  19. Coordinate Web Meetings: Your CYBERTARY sets up your web meeting, notifies attendees of meeting specifics and coordinates and emails any necessary materials.
  20. Set-Up Online Tools: Your CYBERTARY handles registering you and setting you up to use online tools you’d like to utilize in your business.