150 Ways a Cybertary Can WORK FOR YOU! – Reasons #92-109


  1. Proofread Materials: Your CYBERTARY proofreads, formats and spell and grammar checks your written materials and projects to make sure they’re completely error-free.
  2. Write Promotional Copy for Print: Your CYBERTARY writes copy that promotes your business and can be used in brochures and other print marketing literature.
  3. Write Promotional Copy for the Web: Your CYBERTARY writes copy that promotes your business and can be used on the web
  4. Write Copy Optimized for Search Engines: Your CYBERTARY writes or rewrites your current web copy for search engine optimization (SEO).
  5. Write Drip Email Campaign: Your CYBERTARY writes an e-marketing campaign that you can send out to your site’s subscribers or another contact list.
  6. Edit Promotional Copy: Starting with promotional copy you have already drafted, your CYBERTARY edits your copywriting to make it shine.


  1. Design Company Logo: Your CYBERTARY designs a logo that represents your business and makes a statement on the page, on the web and to your business constituents.
  2. Manage Advertising Plan: Following your advertising plan, your CYBERTARY submits ads by deadlines, tracks expirations dates, coordinates payment, handles correspondence with vendors and continually updates the advertising report/budget for your review.
  3. Manage Drip Email Campaign: Following a scheduled campaign, your CYBERTARY formats your campaign copy and sends the emails to subscribers under a preset schedule. Your CYBERTARY then manages the response to the campaign and sends you a report.
  4. Manage Direct Mail: Your CYBERTARY prepares and mails introductory or promotional material to your contact list.
  5. Follow Up on Direct Mail: After a specified time, your CYBERTARY calls to verify direct mail information has been received and to schedule a sales appointment.
  6. Manage Press Releases: Your CYBERTARY researches and compiles a contact list of appropriate media and industry recipients and, when necessary, sends out your press releases.
  7. Place and Manage Ads: Your CYBERTARY submits print or web ads by deadlines, tracks expirations dates, coordinates payment, handles correspondence with advertising vendors and updates the advertising report and/or advertising budget report for your review.
  8. Fulfill Requests for Marketing Materials: Your CYBERTARY handles your marketing fulfillment. Email requests are forwarded to your CYBERTARY, your CYBERTARY’s fax number is advertised and postcards are mailed with your CYBERTARY’s address as the return address. Then your CYBERTARY mails the appropriate brochures upon receipt of requests. Your CYBERTARY also updates your database with name, address, date and type of brochures requested.
  9. Maintain Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Your CYBERTARY types a customer feedback survey, mails to customers, receives the completed questionnaire, summarizes the responses and issues a report to you.
  10. Produce Workshops or Events: Your CYBERTARY coordinates all the preparation for your workshops or events.
  11. Set-Up Teleseminars: Your CYBERTARY handles everything you need to conduct a teleseminar, including reserve a bridge line and recording studio and send confirmations to attendees.
  12. Send Out Media Kits Or Speaker Kits: By request, your CYBERTARY mails out media and/or speaker kits to necessary contacts.