Change Your Focus to be More Productive

In today’s fast-paced, technology enhanced world, we are all trying to do more and more.  Multi-tasking may be the way of the ‘new world order’, but it can actually make you less productive.  Experts recommend taking a short (5-10) minute break when all chaos is raining down on you.  Stop to take a walk, do some deep breathing exercises, even take a nap (George Costanzo with the blanket under his desk comes to mind, but don’t make it that long!), and you will find yourself refreshed and able to tackle that issue that has been a challenge.  You may find your focus is sharper and you will be even more productive.

Manta Tip of the Day: When you’re super busy it can be hard to prioritize projects and just start knocking out tasks as they fly at you.  When this happens, take a break!  Just five to ten minutes away from your routine gives your mind and body a chance to refocus and re-energize, so you’ll get more done.  And just a few minutes outdoors has the added benfit of improving your mood and self-esteem!