Cyber Quick Tip – Concert-oh

If you are frustrated with some of the alternatives available for online meetings and multi-user conference calls, you may want to check out Concert-oh. ETech magazine commented “…its aim is nothing less than to revolutionize the social networking world through multi-user, live interactive audio and video. It’s like Skype on steroids, and it’s absolutely free.”

With a tagline of “Type Less. Talk More!” Concert-oh is a conference bridge service that allows for simultaneous web cameras (10 simultaneous), audio conversations, document, photo and video sharing and text chatting, all from separate locations. You can have a private meeting with 5 colleagues or host a public, “Town Hall” interactive session with hundreds.

There is the option to audio record (video recording is not yet available) your session, particularly helpful if you are using Concert-oh for instructional purposes.

The website is; registration is necessary but once you are, the services are free to use. What is equal or maybe even better than free is the fact that with concert-oh, there is NOTHING TO DOWNLOAD.

So the next time you have a need to host a virtual meeting, try out Concert-oh. You will be glad that you did.