Cyber Quick Tip2: TeuxDeux and

To help you get organized for 2015, we have two to-do Apps that may be just the ticket. Why two? One is relatively straightforward and simplistic, if that is the way you prefer to work. The second has more bells and whistles, if that is your preference. For 2015, we are all about recognizing that we all work differently and providing tools that recognize those differences.

This simple to-do app is bare-bones, and that’s the point. It’s a really well designed weekly priority list that is exactly what it should be and doesn’t complicate things with a bunch of bells and whistles. Type your to-do, edit, check off, done.

If you like making to-do lists, you will love TeuxDeux. The idea was to build a bare-bones, but visually compelling and highly usable to-do app: Use the browser-based TeuxDeux at work/home and then take your to-dos on the road with the iPhone app.

Set your schedule and get to work while TeuxDeux keeps you organized. If you don’t manage to get everything done, your unfinished to-dos will be rolled over to the next day automatically.

TeuxDeux is as easy to use as a piece of paper. Type in your to-dos right where you want them, move them around to suit your schedule, then click to mark them done

For those recurring tasks, Simply add “Put on pants every day” to your to-do list, and TeuxDeux will make sure you never forget again.

Need a place for your grocery list or your house chores? TeuxDeux has you covered, with custom “Someday” lists. Easily drag to-dos between the calendar and your lists.

Take your to-do list with you on the go. TeuxDeux works as beautifully on your phone as it does on the desktop. For iPhone users, there’s even a lovely iPhone app you can download for free.
There are a number of apps that will help to organize your daily responsibilities, but award-winning is starting to rise above the rest. The app lets you quickly and easily add daily to-dos. Select “done” to scratch an item off your list, or defer it to another day. This allows you to play around with your tasks, so you can get them done even if it means moving them a few hours ahead to fit your schedule. The company also offers up an app called Cal, which makes it simple to create tasks within events that can be synced with Any.Do.

It’s more than a glorified to-do list, though. helps you manage your professional and personal lives by placing tasks into one of the four categories Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming and Someday. Tasks can then be further sorted into folders with notes and contacts added to optimize organization. The feature, Moment works as a nifty day planner, listing each day’s to-do list and asking you to quickly mark it done, postponed, rescheduled, needs to stay on the list or delete. You can also call, text or e-mail contacts directly from the app and sync tasks from your smart phone to your home computer.