Cyber QuickTip: Add Holidays to Your Outlook Calendar Automatically

While some Holidays, like the 4th of July, fall on the same day every year, most of the others like Labor Day, Easter, and President’s Day move around based on the Monday Holiday convention or religious calendars. We usually end up grabbing the wall calendar and tediously adding entries for all of the official holidays. In less time than it takes for a sparkler to burn down, you can add all of the holidays to your calendar with this time saving tip!

1) In Microsoft Outlook, choose Tools on the pull-down menu, then select Options.
2) On the Preferences tab, click the Calendar Options button.
3) In the center of the dialog box, click the button that says Add Holidays.
4) Make sure the correct country has been selected (unless you also want to celebrate the official holidays of Uruguay, that is), and then choose OK.
5) Voila! Outlook has automatically added the official holidays for your chosen country.