Cyber QuickTip: Checkvist

If you are a list maker (and I must confess that I am), there are several on-line tools on the market that can help you quickly and efficiently create and update your lists. The one that I currently advocate is Checkvist. Checkvist lets you work with outlines and multiple hierarchical to-do lists. It incorporates keyboard shortcuts so you can quickly and intuitively create your lists. You can also import and export information in several formats, including plain text and html.

In the spirit of togetherness for the month of February, you can brainstorm with colleagues as it supports concurrent edits and updates, once you share with your peeps. There is a dashboard so you can readily see and manage your various lists.

Checkvist is free, although there is a paid version as well. Some of the alternative products available (many with smartphone apps) are RememberTheMilk (love the name!), MyLife Organized (MLO), GeeTeeDee, and Firetask. No matter which one you choose, if you are a list junky, you will have tons of fun and keep your tasks top of mind. Have fun!