Cyber QuickTip: Do You Doodle?

No, I don’t mean making endless boxes within boxes, practicing writing Mrs. George Clooney, or mindlessly scribbling notes during a never ending meeting.

I am talking about Doodle, an online scheduling service that can help you find the right date and time for a group of people to meet. There are two options in the basic service: Schedule an event and Make a choice.

Schedule an event is essentially finding a date and/or time when the members of the group are available. Doodle supports this by recognizing times and time spans when creating a poll and by calendar import/export features, time zones, etc. when participating in one.

Make a choice does not limit you to dates and times but allows you to have polls on anything and everything, e.g., restaurants, entertainment, sports teams, agenda topics, etc., whatever you want people to weigh in on.

Doodle helps coordinate all of the input and makes scheduling a pleasure rather than a chore. The basic service is a free online tool which requires neither registration nor software installation. There are alternative paid services as well.

Doodle offers the basic free service, a free account to connect your personal calendar, and ad-free premium services with advanced functionality.