Cyber QuickTip – downrightnow

While it may not be comparable to the natural and man-made disasters we featured in our disaster preparedness posr, there can be an annoying and frustrating outage that many encounter daily.

We have all experienced it; we are merrily clicking through one of our ‘go-to’ websites when we get the web equivalent of the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Does the web site have a problem? Is it your internet connection, yet again? Is it just you or are others experiencing issues as well? How do you know? Enter downrightnow to the rescue!

downrightnow was created to alert users when popular web services are experiencing problems. downrightnow collates data from various sources, such as user reports to the downrightnow site, Twitter, company announcements and third party sites that monitor service status. When you experience a service interruption, check out downrightnow to be informed of what is occurring. Be a good web citizen – file a report with the site to let others know when you are experiencing issues.

Here is a link to the site: . Check out downrightnow, ‘Crowd-Powered Service Monitoring’.