Cyber QuickTip: Email Filters

Email filters can block spam, junk email, and other unwanted email messages by automatically isolating them from your inbox. But filters can also be used to sort, categorize messages, and file messages for later referral or action.

 Open your e-mail program (Note: detailed instructions for your particular email program can typically be found under Help or Search).

 Locate the Filters or Rules section, usually found under Edit, Options or Tools on the menu bar.

 Click New and type the name of the new filter. Make sure it’s easy to remember, such as “Family Mail.”

 Enter the conditions that will categorize the message. Conditions are requirements the e-mail must meet (for example, when the sender is John Jonas or the subject line includes the words “Free Hairpieces Fast!”) in order for the action (delete message) to take place.

 Select the action you want the program to take with the filtered e-mail. You can delete the message, move it to another folder, or request other actions, depending on the sophistication of your email program.

 Click OK, Save or Apply to save your new filter setting. Add more filters as necessary.

Use email filters in conjunction with our suggestions in “Taming the Email Tiger” to help you get a jump on 2013.