Cyber QuickTip: Expensify


If you travel for business, you want (make that need) to keep your receipts. You can do it the old-fashioned way, but why give yourself extra work? Expensify tracks and records business expenses and mileage in one handy place – a place that isn’t a raggedy notebook. Instead of stuffing a box with receipts that you may or may not ever get around to organizing, you can use the Expensify app on your smart phone to keep track for you. Using your phone’s camera, you can snap pictures of your receipts to retain a digital record in chronological order. The app also allows you to log mileage, meal expenses and other business-related travel costs. Expensify can also import expenses from U.S. and international banks and credit cards. Seamless integration with popular accounting software and integrated direct deposits make Expensify even more valuable to the business owner on the move.

Expensify has 4 tiers of pricing/feature functionality:

• Free, with the core features of expense import from bank/credit card, free mobile cross-platform (iOS, Android, WindowsPhone and Blackberry) app, unlimited expense reports and receipt uploads and expense rules
• Team, $5 per active user per month, core features plus admin features, bookkeeping integration, online reimbursement and invoicing
• Corporate, $9 per active user per month, Team plus advanced policies
• Enterprise, Custom pricing with ERP integration for enterprise use fully featured

With the tagline of “Expense reports that don’t suck!”, Expensify can help you and your team easily become organized and happy by relieving some of the administrative burden associated with expense tracking.

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