Cyber QuickTip – How to Cancel a Runaway Print Job

There you are, multitasking away, talking on the phone, reading emails and polishing up that 200 page report. You inadvertently hit the print button. Woops – I didn’t mean to do that! What do you do to stop it?

If you are close to the printer, you can cancel the job (Most printers have a Cancel or Stop button), power down the printer or remove the paper tray. But if you are not close or want a higher tech solution to stop the print job remotely and save some trees, here is a more elegant solution. You will need to open the print queue and cancel the job. Here is the procedure:

 From the Start Menu, select Devices and Printers.

 Right-click the printer icon where the job is printing.

 Select ‘See what’s printing’ from the menu.

 The print queue will be listed. Right-click on the print job in question and then click Cancel from the Menu.

If you powered the printer down or removed the paper tray, you will want to go through this procedure to make sure the job is not still in the print spool as a precaution.