Cyber QuickTip: Introducing Twylah

No, we are not referring to contemporary dance legend Twyla Tharp. We are talking about Twylah with an “h”, a free tool that helps to make your Twitter Tweets searchable and drive search engine optimization (SEO).

If you have avoided Twitter because you think ‘what’s the point”, you may want to reconsider now that there is a new tool that may help you get more out of your Twitter activity. Twylah is billed as a Twitter collection and presentation tool that enables the creation of dynamic landing pages (the equivalent to Facebook ‘Fan Pages’) from the content of your tweets. The pages are built based on the trending of the topics of your tweets and become subject organized content.

Twyla, the brainchild of founders Eric Kim and Kelly Kim, addresses a gap in the Twitter product. Think of Twylah as Twitter with SEO instead of random tweets that scroll off the screen. Twylah pages are shareable on Twitter and Facebook.

The Downside of Twitter
The downside of Twitter and one of the reasons it has been slow to be adopted is the potential for data overload. It is estimated that approximately 8-10% of Americans tweet, a far cry from the numbers Facebook, LinkedIn and even Pinterest command. It is also said that Twitter is not as intuitive as some of the other social media outlets, contributing to the slow adoption rates. Twylah addresses both of these criticisms, appealing to both die-hard Twitter users, as well as the Twitter-resistant among us.

Twitter-resistant users who are looking for more instant gratification and a more visual experience may be enticed with what Twylah brings to the table. The 140-character limitation was offputting to many, as well. The ‘Twylah enhanced’ Twitter experience is 100% visual. And because Twylah gathers and synthesizes content by relevance and set preferences, this visual experience is changeable.

Numbers Don’t Lie
What’s interesting is that analytics from Twylah are showing readers will remain on-page longer to engage with your content. The tool’s “Power Tweet” feature allows you to reinforce reader engagement and drive traffic to your personal Twylah page. You can send out tweets directly from your personal Twylah page, as well as a Twylah “bookmark button” – think widget – to send power tweets from any other blog or news page you are browsing. According to the Twylah website, “Power Tweets increase engagement (as defined by time spent on your Twitter content) by 40X! …Viewers who click on Power Tweet links spend 3-5 minutes (on average) engaging with your original tweet and a larger portion of your Twitter content.”

While Twitter has long thought of as the darling of celebrities and sports stars, Twyla is helping Twitter make inroads with businesses, as well.

Companies are beginning to use Twylah to promote their brand, to generate more traffic, and to give their audience a more engaging Twitter experience.

Twylah doesn’t replace Twitter; is exists because of Twitter and is dependent upon it. Twylah gives Twitter data a second life to increase its reach and its ability to engage.