Cyber QuickTip: Shoeboxed

Receipts, receipts, receipts! For accountants they provide vital information for client tax returns; for retailers, they represent valuable cash flow, and anyone who has been through an audit knows their value in proving expenses. Despite their importance, many business owners and executives “organize” their receipts in an overflowing accordion file or desk drawer. We all realize that we need to keep our receipts organized in order to complete accurate tax returns, yet few of us find the time to get them documented and organized into clearly defined categories that would make our lives much easier at tax time.

The good news is, now there’s Shoeboxed – an effortless solution to getting your receipts and business cards out of the shoebox and into an electronic, organized, searchable, virtual filing system. Here’s how it works: Mail your receipts to Shoeboxed in their prepaid envelopes, and they scan and categorize them so you can keep track of them. Once your receipts are scanned and entered by Shoeboxed, you can sort them by store name, date, and total, download them to a variety of spreadsheet and accounting programs like QuickBooks, Outlook, and Excel, and generate statistics about your spending.

In addition to keeping track of receipts and invoices, Shoeboxed will also scan your business cards into your account for an easy way to manage your contacts. Once scanned, they can be exported to your email, Salesforce, or LinkedIn accounts.

There is also a free Shoeboxed iPhone app that allows you to take photos of receipts when you’re on the go, then submit them to your account on the spot, or later online. Even without an iPhone, you can snap photos with any email-enabled mobile device, send them to your unique Shoeboxed mobile email address, and Shoeboxed will automatically enter the data and load it into your secure account. is more than just a virtual shoe box to keep a digital copy of your receipts, it is a sorting, tracking and graphing tool that can help your business get a handle on spending; an invaluable tool in today’s economy. Pricing plans range from $9.95 for 50 items per month to $49.95