Cyber QuickTip: Zoho

If you want to take a major step in using cloud computing in your business or you are concerned with the expenditures for software for your small business, there is a robust suite of office productivity software that you may want to investigate. Zoho is a web-based service that offers word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software accessible via a browser. In addition to alternatives to the traditional office productivity software suites, Zoho also offers the ability to collaborate with others ‘in the cloud’, take notes, chat, share documents, hold discussions, etc. There are also personal productivity tools and applications, such as calendar, planner and notebook.

Zoho applications are free for the majority of users who may want to try out some applications without investing in traditional software; there are fee-based versions as well for the power user.

Zoho continues to add applications to their portfolio. You may not want to supplant all of your existing applications, but Zoho can help you leverage what you are currently using in a more collaborative way with peers and clients.