Got Stress? Get an Action Plan!

We all get stressed, but the key is not to let stress bog you down or become a self-fulfilling juggernaut, snowballing to a coronary or worse.

The other thing to remember is that not all stress is bad. It is important to stay cool, calm, and collected during a stressful situation so stress doesn’t take control.

Here are some steps you may want to incorporate to be in control of stressful situations as they arise:

Have you created a to-do list and established the priorities? Does the list help you reach your goals?

Remember to take a minute, count to ten, and breathe before you respond?

Is your office set up to stand and stretch, perhaps do some jumping jacks or lift weights? Can you stand up every hour and glance out a window to re-focus your energy?

Step outside
Can you take a break from your desk for a quick 10 minutes?

Is there something in your direct vision that helps you smile? For me, it’s a picture of my dog. Try reading the laugh of the day or a comic strip (yes Dilbert is still my favorite) for a quick infusion of laughter in your day?

Is your office set up so that I can find things easily and quickly? If not, what would it take to get it there? Take small steps to improve your organization and see how it helps improves your efficiency and reduce stress.

Staying hydrated is one way to combat the physical impact of stress, so keep a glass or bottle of water handy and fill it frequently

Do you have a positive self mantra to help get you through? How about one of these?
“I am a respected member of the team.”, “I provide valuable insight for my clients.”,
“I am appreciated.”

Stress is going to happen, but it need not be totally debilitating when you have an action plan ready to invoke.