Organize your Workspace for Spring

As Punxsutawney Phil prognosticated (and who believes a hairy rodent, anyway), Spring is scheduled to arrive early this year. Get you and your office ready with these tips for organization and a little light spring cleaning.

Visualize the Space
We do not take the time to understand what we need from our offices. Rather, we plunge in and take cues of how others set up their space. What may work for the office or cubicle mate or even your significant other, may not work for you. Let your job functions dictate your office needs and establish zones to support your tasks, rather than create obstacles for their completion.

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place
Use your space judiciously. Keep at the ready the items which you use all of the time. For example, I do mailings frequently for clients. A basket with stamps is within reach, though not cluttering my space. I can readily locate items but I am not tripping over them constantly.

You are in the Pilot’s Seat
Think of your office as a pilot may approach the cockpit of the plane. The gauges (computer screen/phone) and the steering wheel (keyboard/Keypad) are essential items for establishing a successful journey. So too should be your desktop. Minimize the clutter so that you only have in front of you that which you need to complete the task at hand. Be judicious in filing items, whether they are in physical or electronic form.

Have a Game Plan
Rather than let yourself become overwhelmed with office clutter, take control and establish a plan. The plan could be as simple as three folders or baskets with “Action”, “Read”, “File” on them. Set aside a time, and calendar the time, to go through each one on a weekly basis. You will feel more in control and less stressed. Use the last 30 minutes of the day to get prepared for the next day. Do this daily so that it becomes part of the routine you use to decompress from ‘office mode’ to ‘personal mode’.

By using these tips, you too will feel less stressed. After all, what is stressed other than desserts spelled backwards?