The Benefits of Portable Document Scanners

As technology has become more mobile and user friendly, one tool to consider adding to your toolkit is a portable document scanner. In this month’s newsletter, we thought we would share some of the reasons you may consider using one.

Portable document scanners work in much of the same way that regular scanners do, enabling you to scan a document, business card or receipt and saving it digitally. There are a few differences that stress the mobility aspect. Rather than relying on commercial power, most portable scanners use a battery, freeing you from that single outlet at the coffee shop or airline terminal. Another key difference is the use of a memory card. This allows you to save documents and easily upload to other computers.

An obvious benefit of using a portable document scanner is that they are less bulky than their traditional counterpart which makes them easy to carry. Another benefit is that it takes up much less space than a traditional scanner. This will help you maximize the office space that you have, even when you are not on the road. The memory card also means one less plug for your PC or Laptop. Another benefit of the memory card is that it enables you to save large amounts of data without consuming valuable space on your harddrive and easily share the data with multiple devices.

As the needs for information in a more mobile form factor continues to increase, a portable document scanner may be another tool to add to your toolkit.