The Holidays are a Coming…Are You Ready?

Do you ever get the feeling that the last quarter of the year has some sort of weird metaphysical spell on it, transforming the typical 3 months of a calendar quarter mysteriously into 9 days instead of 90? If you are like me, I feel I enter a time warp starting October 1st and emerge from the maelstrom January 1st of the following year with only a vague recollection of what transpired. Here are some ideas on how to get through the Holiday season unscathed, and dare we say, prepared?

Send Thanksgiving Cards
When I was back in the corporate milieu (fancy French term for environment), I received a Thanksgiving card from one of my vendors. I had neither the budget nor the approval to purchase what he was selling that year, but several years later when the situation changed, he made the short list. Why? Because he remained ‘top of mind’ with the simple gesture of standing out from the crowded field of competitors because of the thoughtful Thanksgiving card. By saying “Thank You” to our clients with a Thanksgiving card, we are celebrating our relationship and we know that we do business with people that we know, like and trust.

Thanksgiving is an attractive time to send cards to our clients, referral partners and prospects for three reasons:
1. It is the first card that they will receive before the onslaught of the commercialized Holiday season, creating a memory.
2. The gesture of giving thanks for business, a referral or even just the opportunity to meet with them is one that is often overlooked. Help you and your business to stand apart by thanking them.
3. It is a truly American holiday with little commercialization and is not affiliated with any religion or religious celebration. Saying thanks is always correct; there is no opportunity to offend for those who tread the boards of political correctness.

Get a Jump on Your Holiday
We know you’re busy, and we hate to be the bearer of this stress-inducing news; however, we thought you should know that the holidays are upon us, once again. So how are those holiday cards coming along?

This holiday season, enlist the help of Cybertary to manage and send your holiday greetings. Cybertary can order, address and mail holiday or Christmas cards to all your business contacts and friends.

Cybertary is ready to help with lots of holiday tasks for you. We can assist by locating appropriate gifts for your clients, and then have them ordered, wrapped, and shipped! Stand back and accept the accolades, all with time to spare.

If the office party is still part of your holiday budget, we can also help with the preparations, selecting the venue, planning the menu and entertainment and handling the invitations. We will provide you a detailed accounting of the event. At the end of the day, you get the credit for a job well done…and no one needs to know that you had help!

Thank You Notes
The “thank you” note is probably the most critical yet most overlooked client appreciation tool out there. How many times have you had a wonderfully productive meeting with a potential client and forgotten to simply say “thank you” or “please keep me in mind”?

Why not let Cybertary handle the “thank you” notes, so you can stick to giving potential clients the kind of business they can be thankful for?

Let Cybertary ensure your clients, prospects and other important business connections feel appreciated and valued. Cybertary can purchase, prepare and mail personalized, handwritten “thank you” notes, as well as any other special event cards, to the critical people in your business life.

And don’t just limit your thinking to the business side of your life. Get ahead of the etiquette curve by having us handle your thank you notes for other reasons as well, from holiday gift and party invitations, to assisting with your daughter’s shower and wedding notes…and acknowledging the gifts brought on by the pitter patter of little feet.

Cybertary gives you a reason to be thankful for the services we provide on your behalf, now and throughout the year. Thank You!