Got Metrics?

The age old business adage: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” is certainly appropriate when it comes to your website content. For many small and not so small business owners, the investment in our websites is a key component of our marketing strategy. So how do you know if anyone is visiting your site, [...]

Are you someone who loves to strike up a conversation with strangers in an elevator? Or would you rather have a root canal without anesthesia before you would pick up the phone and call a complete stranger and ask for an appointment? I suspect more people fall in the latter category. But the truth of [...]

In our fast-paced personal and work lives, we all strive to achieve a balance. As technology evolves, there are more distractions than ever. But technology doesn’t have to hinder us by being too overwhelming. So what’s out there that can help to keep us on track and streamlined with our lives? IFTTT – If This [...]

The truth in this case is EMV compliance. No, that is not a new social media acronym or shorthand for something. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, also known as chip cards or integrated chip cards. As of October 1st, 2015, if you process Point of Sale (POS) transactions (typically, face to face, card [...]

If you travel for business, you want (make that need) to keep your receipts. You can do it the old-fashioned way, but why give yourself extra work? Expensify tracks and records business expenses and mileage in one handy place – a place that isn’t a raggedy notebook. Instead of stuffing a box with receipts that [...]

Speaking of branding, YouTube is one of the most ubiquitous and well known brands. The video-sharing site is visited by millions and is another arrow in your marketing quiver. How can you set up your own channel? Here are 5 easy steps: Step 1 Sign in to YouTube at with your professional/business (preferably) gmail [...]

You’ve opened your doors, hung out your shingle, now what? Your business is a go, but how do you attract those quality customers to come knocking? One of the first things is to get the word out. How? Here are 4 steps to building your brand, even on a budget. Get Recognized What do Nike, [...]

In the spirit of our theme of productivity this month, we have a tool to help make your Windows PC run more efficiently and securely. And that translates into improved productivity for you! CCleaner is a system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It helps your system operate more efficiently because it removes unused files, freeing [...]

Here it is spring (at least the calendar says so) and Memorial Day is quickly approaching. Do you find yourself chomping at the bit to tackle all of those tasks you have put off in both your personal and professional lives? Or do you look at the stacks and stacks of things to do and [...]

This task-management system provides a simple user interface and is extremely intuitive. Nozbe lets small-business owners keep track of what they’ve delegated and what they’ve assigned to themselves. It’s available on both Android and iOS devices, and you can e-mail it tasks to add. The app also integrates with Evernote and Dropbox. Use Nozbe on [...]